Chaplain's Corner - April


Time to Spring Clean 

Spring is finally here, but it’s teasing a lot of us around the country. We get a couple of days of nice, warm motorcycle-riding weather, only to suffer through a winter snowstorm the next day.

Someone has forgotten to tell the weatherman that spring is officially here. Even though January 1 marks a new year, it doesn’t feel like a new year until spring arrives.

That’s when we get the urge to “spring clean” and start fresh. 

  • Finally get rid of the old Christmas boxes (or take down the Christmas lights outside).
  • Open the house up to let fresh spring air in.
  • Chase the dust bunnies from under the sofa.
  • Grab a few trash bags and toss out all the stuff that’s accumulated around the house.

But one thing that’s often left off our spring-cleaning list is de-cluttering our minds. Cleaning out the mental junk that piles up in our heads isn’t easy.

It’s important to evaluate ourselves – both mentally and spiritually – to identify areas of our lives that need improvement. And once we’ve identified those weak points, we can work toward eliminating the things that may be hindering us spiritually and emotionally. 

We may not know how or why our minds got so cluttered, but at least we know how to clean them up. When we bring our burdens to the Lord, He walks alongside us. Through Him, we can become clean again.

So, during this season of spring, I encourage you to clean out the winter’s cobwebs, start fresh with God, and draw closer to Him. Live in a way that honors Him.

 Psalm 51:10 – Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.