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Our workforce represents approximately 2,400 county and state employees from 29 states as well as several Native American Tribes available to collaborate with Department of Veterans Affairs to help speed the process of claims development and transition of our military personnel to civilian life.
Whether you are recently discharged from the military or have been out for several years, we can help!

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Become one of the best-trained Service Officers!
Promoting and protecting the rights of veterans and their eligible family members through education, communication and technology. 

County Veteran Service Officers

NACVSO was recognized officially by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs "for the purpose of preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims under laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs" in a letter dated April 19, 1993 signed by Jesse Brown, Secretary. The letter further states that this recognition "is accorded pursuant to 38 U.S.C. Section 5902 and 38 C.F.R. Section 14.628(c) and is soley for the purpose of claimant representation" before the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also included was the statement that "Accreditation of representatives associated with your organization will be handled on an individual basis in accordance with 38 C.F.R. Section 14.629."

Need Assistance? Want Advice?

When you come into the County Veterans Services Office you will be referred to a service officer for assistance. The County Veterans Service Officer has a compassionate understanding of the problems, which confront veterans, widows, widowers, and children. The County Veterans Service Officer will apply specialized knowledge in the best way suited to the needs of every individual veteran or other beneficiary who comes to the office for assistance.

If you want assistance or need help in obtaining benefits, contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions or help you contact the County or State Veterans Service Officer nearest your place of residence. You will receive a response within 72 hours.