A Message from NACVSO President - March


Greetings NACVSO Members and Partners,

I hope this message finds you well. On March 13th we are proud to, yet again, be providing testimony before the Senate and House Joint Committee on Veterans Affairs. As you know, this is a crucial opportunity for us to advocate for the needs of our members and the veterans we serve.

During the testimony, NACVSOs Legislative Director, Michael McLaughlin, will address the pressing issue of federal support and coordination with local Governmental Veterans Service Officers (GVSOs). We will emphasize the invaluable role GVSOs play in assisting veterans and their families daily, and the need for greater recognition and support from the federal government.

Our testimony will highlight the challenges faced by GVSOs in providing comprehensive support to veterans, including the lack of adequate funding and resources. We will also discuss the importance of collaboration between federal and local agencies to ensure that veterans receive the assistance they need to thrive after their service.

I encourage all our members to mark your calendar watch the event live by clicking the link here. Together, we will continue to be effective at every level of government and ensure that no veteran is left behind.

Lastly, I would like to remind everybody that, on March 5th, all veterans exposed to toxic substances and other hazards during military service — at home or abroad — are now eligible to enroll directly in VA health care. No need to apply for disability benefits first. As you already know, it is incumbent upon us, the advocates in the field, to be doing all that we can to inform our veteran communities of this expansion. Let us get these veterans enrolled in care! 

Once again, I thank you all for your continued support and dedication to serving those who served.

Wishing you all a productive and fulfilling month ahead. 

Best regards,

Christopher Hinton

President, NACVSO