Any voting member or non-voting affiliate member as described in Article V, paragraph A or B of the NACVSO Bylaws, in good standing that has completed the Accreditation Course or equivalent (determined by the Education Committee) may apply for NACVSO recommendation for VA accreditation, in accordance with 38 U.S.C. part 14 by:

  • NACVSO offers accreditation training (Basic Benefits) virtually at least three times per year.

  • Members who attend the required NACVSO Basic Benefits and pass the end of course exam may apply for accreditation by submitting the necessary documents to the office of the National Service Director (pdf only, please do not scan in TIFF, JPG, GIF, etc. formats).

  • Attending Basic Benefits does not automatically qualify you for accreditation.  You must apply for accreditation through the National Service Director Webpage.  

To assist you, follow the instructions on National Service Directors Webpage (you must be a paid member to access).

Follow the instructions on the webpage and DO NOT send additional information that is not needed as this causes delay in or return of your application.**

Office of General Council (OGC) has stopped issuing the paper accreditation card.  OGC welcome letters will be delivered to the NSD via email and in-turn to you via email only, no exceptions.  To speed up this process please place your email address in Block 2 under your business address on the VA Form 21 - OR block 7B of the January 2016 VA Form 21 ***

Continuing Education Requirement (CEU's):

Once accreditation has been granted through OGC, the completion of 16 hours of Continuing Education Units is required each year (1 Jan - 31 Dec).  If you choose to attend training outside of NACVSO, it is the accredited representative's responsibility to maintain the approved training material.  Training material may be required to submit (do not send until asked to) to the NSD if the USDVA OGC performs an audit on your accreditation.  Failure to do so may result in revocation of your accreditation(s). CLICK HERE to learn more about CEU's 

Maintaining current membership (paying your dues) with NACVSO is also required. Failure to maintain membership and/or failure to complete the annual CEU requirement may result in a revocation of the accreditation.

Once you are accredited with NACVSO, you may apply for cross accreditation with other VSO's whom NACVSO has agreements with.