NACVSO Leadership Summit


Registration for the National Veterans Advocacy and Leadership Summit Series is by invitation only. 
For invitation consideration, please contact Devin Whitikaker

The mission of the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers is to actively pursue all rightfully earned benefits for veterans and eligible family members through education, training, and advocacy programs.



NACVSO Regional Leadership Summit Agenda (DRAFT)

Leadership Summit Opportunity:
Veteran service providers at the county, state, and federal level are continuously evolving and finding new and innovative ways to collaborate and improve outcomes for veterans. Sharing promising practices within local communities and across regions enables community leaders to achieve greater effectiveness in service delivery and strengthens veterans advocacy efforts at all levels.
Activity Goal: 
To facilitate dialogue around local/regional best practices and promote greater collaboration across government and non-government veteran service providers to share data, improve processes, and build capacity in local communities to serve veterans.  
Learning Objectives:
1. Communicate lessons learned and best practices in veterans’ services and support organizations. 
2. Identify ways to enhance data and information sharing between and across government and non-government service providers.
3. Recognize existing process barriers for effective collaboration and identify opportunities to streamline and improve processes.
4. Discuss approaches for assessing community capacity, identifying gaps, and implementing tactics to build capacity when needed.
Day 1
0900-1000 Breakfast & Registration
1000-1100 Introductions & Review of Summit Goals and Learning Objectives 
1100-1215 PANEL DISCUSSION: “Who’s the belly button ?”
1215-1330 Lunch (TBD)
1330-1445 TABLE EXERCISE: “Who’s got data?” 
1445-1600 PANEL DISCUSSION: “Who else can help ?”
1600-1630 Recap & Review Day 2 Agenda
Day 2
0830-1000 TABLE EXERCISE: “What’s broken, and how can we fix it ?
1000-1015 Break
1015-1130 VA Leadership Presentations 
1130-1230 Lunch (Heroes with Hearing Loss)
1230-1330 TABLE EXERCISE: “What’s missing, and how can we get it?” 
1330-1400 Closing remarks 

NACVSO offers a special thanks to our sponsors and the partners for its assistance in planning and promoting the Winter 2018 Regional Leadership Summit.