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If you supply the NACVSO with your postal address on-line you may receive periodic postal mailings from us providing information on veterans` benefits, NACVSO services, or our funding needs. If you do not wish to receive such postal mailings, please let the NACVSO know by sending e-mail to ,or writing to us at the above mailing address. Please provide us with your exact name and address. Please provide this same information if you wish the NACVSO to delete your name from lists of postal addresses we may share with other organizations; we will be sure your name is removed from any such lists.

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NACVSO does not rent or sell the names of its members to other organizations. In the case of NACVSO-related co-branded promotions that support the fulfillment of NACVSO’s mission (such as the NACVSO Logo), NACVSO permits mailings to its members, but does not provide any of their information directly to the promotion partner. Rather, the mailings are produced and sent by a third-party mailing company selected by NACVSO.  The member information provided to the mailing company is at all times subject to strict non-disclosure requirements.

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