2019 National Conference Scholarships


Please ensure that all scholarships get emailed to Dan Griffin or  FAX'd to (406) 393-1111.
USPS Mail:
     Valley Veterans Service Center
     ATTN: Dan Griffin
     217 N. 3rd Street, Suite L.
     Hamilton, MT 59840

You will receive an email receipt indicating that your scholarship was successfully received.

No scholarship will be accepted after March 1, 2019 

The number and amount of scholarships has not yet been determined

Click here for the 2019 Scholarship Application for Clevealnd, Ohio.



The Program
NACVSO maintains a “Scholarship Program” to help members attend the Annual Training
Conference. Each year the Scholarship Committee Member accepts all applications.  This individual will collect all applications until the deadline of March 1st and forwards them on to the Senior Executive Board (President, Vice President & 2nd Vice President), the immediate Past President, and one other selected Executive Board member.  This means there will be five individuals looking over applications and rating them in the order they see fit.  Ranking will be based off the statement of need and the questions on page two of the application. Ratings will be sent back to the Scholarship Committee Chair for that individual to process the rankings of all applications.  This member will then send all rankings to the entire voting group and final decisions will be made.  The Scholarship Committee Member will then notify the President of the selected individuals.  At this point selection information will be provided to the Treasurer to have them send the scholarship payment to the recipients.  In the case of any ties, the President will make the deciding vote.   This Selection Committee reviews applications and selects at least three applicants who each may receive a scholarship. The scholarship recipient's conference fee will be waived and the selected recipients will receive a check for the amount granted.  When funds are available, as explained below, more than three scholarships may be awarded.
Each year applications must be received by the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee by the date specified on the application. Although mailed applications are accepted, the committee highly recommends faxing or e-mailing the application as early as possible. (Both FAX and e-mail provide the sender with proof of transmission.)  Selections and notification letters will be made and sent out no later than eight weeks before the conference.  Payments will be mailed out no later than two weeks before the conference.
Each year, the association will appropriate $1500.00 as part of the annual budget to provide for three scholarships. The Committee, however, has been authorized to hold several fund raising activities during the Annual Conference. Typically these fund raising activities will include, but are not limited to, solicitation of donations, a 50/50 Raffle, and “special auction items” donated specifically to raise money for the Scholarship Program. Additionally, in the spirit of comradeship, a $5.00 “Fine” will be levied upon those whose electronic devices make noise during a class session; the “fine” is doubled to $10.00 for the Association’s officers. Money raised by these ‘fines’ will be applied to the next conference year’s Scholarship Fund.  Another fundraiser will include going around to each conference room during training after lunch to collect the change out of everyones’ pockets if they wish to donate it. The Chairman of the Scholarship Committee is authorized to hold any other fund raising activities through out the conference to help raise money, but will get these activities authorized by the Senior Executive Board.