1. When do I register for the conference?
a. Registration opened Jan 25, 2019 as did the hotel room block. Visit nacvso.org
b. Deadline is May 24, 2019
2. When do I make reservations for my hotel?
a. As soon as possible after you register for the conference
3. How do I get from airport to hotel?
a. Taxi
b. Uber
c. RTA Rapid Transit System This train goes directly from Cleveland Hopkins Airport directly to Cleveland Tower City Center, the hotel is a 5 minute walk inside the building.
d. There is NO shuttle service from hotel
4. Will there be transportation?
a. See above
5. Parking cost at the hotel daily rate
a. $20.00
6. What do I wear to the banquet?
a. Business dress to semi-formal
b. Coat and tie, cocktail dress is encouraged ALL ARE WELCOMED
7. What do I wear the presidents reception?
a. TBD (spring/summer casual)
8. When do I need to check in?
a. Saturday 1-5pm (priority will be given to Accreditation Class attendees)
b. Sunday – 9-3pm (priority will be given to Accreditation Class attendees)
c. Monday – 7-9am and 5-9pm
d. Please check in as early as possible
9. Dress code for the conference
a. Business casual
10. Chapel service
a. Services are available on Sunday at 10am
11. Do I have to attend every class?
a. CEU – minimum of 16 hours of classes are mandatory
b. Accreditation – mandatory attendance all week (8:00am Monday through 5:00pm Friday, NO EXCEPTIONS) Plan your travel arrangements accordingly.
12. When is the earliest I can leave for CEU and accreditation?
a. CEU - you are required a mandatory 16 hours
b. Accreditation – you can leave after you receive your certificate of completion at 4:00pm on Friday
13. Is there a place for service animals?
a. Call the hotel
14. When will an agenda be available?
a. This will be published by March 1st on nacvso.org
15. When do I get a receipt?
a. Online will be an email response within 30 days
b. By mail is 45 days by mail
16. Special requests for room reservation must be made to hotel

17. For any CVA questions go to nacvso.org – all information is under CVA Education and Training (you must have a log on)