NACVSO is Going Virtual! 


I pray that this correspondence finds you, your families, and the veterans you serve in your community safe and healthy. We have held a conference each year, since 1990, and remain committed to providing accreditation, certified veterans advocate (CVA), and continuing education (CEU) training this year to all of our long-standing members and new CVSOs.  However, due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, the NACVSO board has decided that we will NOT hold our conference as originally scheduled at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis June 7-13th

The Marriott has assured us that individuals will be able to cancel hotel reservations without penalty through June 30, 2020.  Please contact the Marriott at 404-521-0000, and provide them with your name, dates of stay, and reservation number to cancel your registration.  If you run into any issues canceling your hotel reservation, please email: Jane Roland 

The NACVSO board has been working diligently to identify alternatives for our conference programming and I will send a follow up communication within two weeks that details the options available to you for accreditation, CVA and CEU training.  We understand that many of you have already adjusted your calendars so that you could attend in June, and that you may be precluded from travel at other times.  I assure you that how we proceed will include several options and alternatives available for obtaining the training you need to obtain and maintain your accreditation through this year. 

Many of us have seen dark days, when things do not seem to be going in our favor.  There were times in the past when the future of the organization might have been in jeopardy, but that’s not going to happen today, we will be all stronger in the end for all of this – stronger as individuals, stronger as advocates and a stronger organization. 
God bless you all, God bless these United States!!
Herm Breuer